How far off is Cauchy-Schwarz?

Cauchy-Schwarz typically deteriorates in high dimensions. It is illustrated here why that is the case with some examples.


A collection of notes that, on their own, wouldn't have made it on this blog.

From Counting Trees to Bounding Eigenvalues

How to bound the expectation of the largest eigenvalue of a generalized Wigner matrix.

Setting up Anki to learn Chinese

A quick primer on how to use Anki properly with some more information on how to set it up for Chinese.

Making Deaf Dogs Hear Again

Visualizing a discrete time Fourier transform with a video in a "noise robust" way using Peano curves.

Energy Landscapes of Spherical Spin Glasses

Proving large deviation principles for the GOE to show a layered structure of spherical spin glasses.

Calculations in the Schwarzschild Metric

How to calculate integrals in the Schwarzschild metric.

Confounding the Years

A list of words with 年 which may be mixed up easily.

MPGP 2015

Rough outlines of talks of the 'Multi-physics geometric PDE's using deformable surfaces: analysis, modelling, numerics & applications' conference.

Protein Docking From Scratch

Overview of the topics dealt with in my report on protein docking.

Quantum Mechanics for Optimization Problems

How quantum mechanics provides a nice framework for interpolations between real and easy problems.

Event Operators

A concise introduction to the parts of quantum optics needed to understand the concept of event operators.

Readings of 日、月、年

Some mnemonics to differentiate between their most common readings.

Diffusion Maps

A nonlinear, local algorithm for dimensionality reduction.

Mycelium 3D

Simulating fungal growth on a point cloud returned by a Kinect camera.