I am a final year PhD student in the Warwick Mathematics Institute. My interests include probability theory in general, its applications in statistical mechanics (physics), statistics, finance, and forecasting, as well as languages and programming—or several topics at once: Monte-Carlo simulations and their analysis or market designs to improve forecasting.

For further details, see my CV or contact me via email.



  • Anki for Chinese

    A quick primer on how to use Anki (a spaced repetition software) in general and how to set it up for learning Chinese in particular.
  • (Pitfalls of) Teaching German

    Some notes of my course for beginners and a collection of grievances about the language.


  • Eldrow

    Eldrow is a puzzle about how 'unlucky' one can get when playing Wordle on hard-mode.
  • Diffusion Maps

    A brief motivation and implementation in Python of dimensionality reduction via the diffusion maps algorithm.
  • Max-entropy distributions

    Notes on finding the max-entropy distribution satisfying some constraints. Comes with discussions on applications to forecasting & finance and a Python implementation.


  • Kelly Betting

    A collection of interesting properties of and arguments for and against the Kelly criterion.
  • Metaculus

    Metaculus is an information aggregation website which allows users to compare their probabilistic forecasts to those of others. My track record can be found here.
  • Aggregating Forecasts

    Thoughts on different methods to combine different forecasts.
  • Post-mortems

    Here I try to analyse where some of my worst forecasts went wrong.
  • Useful Priors

    A collection of priors useful for forecasting.